Construction Projects

In construction system, DELIGHT offer bridge projects, jetty projects, building projects. Our construction service area are railways, motorways/expressways, bridge & overpass, port, factory, high rise building ,market.

Project References
  1. Hleku: Public Works
  2. Kanyin Chaung: Public Works
  3. Khone Gyi Kyaw: Public Works
  4. Ye Nauk Aing: Public Works
  5. Kyauk Chaung Pyar: Public Works
  6. Pauk Khaung: Myanma Railways
  7. Ywar Thit Chaung: Asia World
  8. Nat Sin Ngu – Ye Nauk Chaung RC Bridge: Dept: of Rural Development Affair (Pathein)
  9. Chaung Phyar –Phathalet – Nwaryetight (2 – mile Road): Dept: of Rural Development Affair (Pathein)
俄罗斯z oo猪 Areas
  1. Railways
  2. Motorways/expressways
  3. Bridge & Overpass
Project References
  1. Kyauk Phyu No.(1) Additional Jetty: Daewoo E & P
俄罗斯z oo猪 Areas
  1. Port
Project References
  1. Latkhokkone Cyclone Shelter: Asia World Co.,Ltd
  2. Kungyangon (Sanpya Quarter) Low Cost Hosing Project: Asia World Co.,Ltd
  3. Delight Trading Showroom: Delight Engineering Co.,Ltd
俄罗斯z oo猪 Areas
  1. Factory
  2. High Rise Building
  3. Market